Saturday, January 23, 2010

1.5 bags, part I

I love crafts!  I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about them.  Making bags is a relatively new endeavor of mine.  I was lucky enough to receive a lovely corduroy and suede handmade bag from my aunt for Christmas.  Right now I am in possession of 1.5 bags I made myself.  One of those I made by felting and the half-bag is an ongoing labor of love, but more on that later......

What do I love about handmade bags?  Hmmm, well, I love that they have stories.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bravo, Jane Austen

[Just wanted to say a hello to anyone new reading.  I'm excited to have new followers and appreciate you stopping by.  Feel free to comment and to forward posts along to friends!]

I can actually remember the moment I stopped reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice when I had the first go around.  In middle school, upon learning that this novel was revered by so many readers I knew, I decided to take it up.  However, at a certain point, I encountered this language: "the former....the latter....".  I just couldn't grasp which one was the former and which the latter!  The language was just too hard.  There I gave up and never looked back.  That is, I never looked back until a few months ago.  At book club one night we got to talking about Jane Austen.  Again, my fellow readers spoke with a sense of awe and wonder regarding Pride and Prejudice.  I felt left out!  I realized then that I had to go back and try again.

I think that my resistance to picking the book back up after all these years stemmed from more than just the antiquated phrasing.  I resisted because the book is so cloaked in this awesome reputation.  Everyone raves about it!  Honestly, I was a little intimidated.  Part of me also thought that a book written so long ago would be unreadable, stuffy, and outdated.